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Pride 2023

Over 2000 people attended the North Grenville Pride parade in 2019! We expect Pride 2023 to be even bigger and better! Becoming a sponsor for North Grenville Pride 2022 provides a unique media opportunity and can assist in the promotion and growth of smaller businesses, as well as increase the credibility of your business/organization with respect to its inclusiveness of diversity. Let us promote your business to the LGBTQ2S+ community in the North Grenville and areas beyond. This will be a day of building community and an amazing celebration of love, who wouldn’t want to be part of it?!?


By supporting North Grenville Pride you’re not only connecting yourself to one of the most diverse free events in the area, but you’re also connecting yourself to our network of LGBTQ2S+ industry professionals and business owners alike.

Whether you’re a big brand or a small business, supporting North Grenville Pride has many benefits to your business.


Supporting North Grenville Pride demonstrates your support for the LGBTQ2S+ community to your employee networks, potential customers, and client base. We want you to be part of the party and let the world see that you care about inclusiveness, diversity, and equality. Take a look at the sponsorship packages below and see how and why your company or brand should be involved! As North Grenville Pride offers an opportunity for companies to be more creative and interactive with their promotion, we always endeavour to keep our sponsorship packages as flexible as possible.


Package 1 - $250

  • Medium Logo on Website

  • Link to social media pages

  • 10 FREE Pride Pins

  • “Proud Supporter of North Grenville Pride Window Sticker”.

  • Small advertisement on all North Grenville social media

Become a Sponsor!

Package 3 - $1000

  • Have the main vendor area named after your brand with the largest logos and biggest push with all our social media platforms.

  • Periodical shout outs during the event from the stage.

  • Walk in the parade branded for free.

  • Official recognition in terms of this year’s North Grenville Pride Parade on the day of parade and leading up to the 2023 parade.

  • 30 FREE North Grenville Pride Pins

  • “Proud supporter of North Grenville Pride LGBT Pride window sticker”

  • Named headliner Sponsor.

Become a Sponsor!

Package 2 - $500

  • Pride Partner logo on the North Grenville Pride website and bio, link to our social media platforms and own website.

  • Periodical advertising on all North Grenville Pride sites.

  • Branded advertising in North Grenville Pride Parade

  • 20 FREE North Grenville Pride Pins

  • “Proud supporter of North Grenville Pride LGBT Pride window sticker”

  • Large vendor area branding, and periodical shout outs during the event from the stage.

Become a Sponsor!

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Become a Sponsor!

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