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Strategic Plan

North Grenville Pride is happy to present our strategic plan for 2022-2025!

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In early 2021, Women and Gender Equality Canada, awarded the then NG Pride Inc. a grant with the objective of hiring an Executive Director to create a strategic plan that would help guide our organization over the next 3 years. The strategic planning process was led by a volunteer Board of Directors along with their newly appointed Executive Director. This strategic planning process took place over the course of 12 months.

Throughout our many conversations and surveys three main priorities were identified by our stakeholders. NG Pride will be focusing on Education, advocacy/celebrate and reducing the social isolation that so many of our LGBTQ2S+ community are experiencing living in a rural Ontario community.


NG Pride would like to thank every individual that took part in making this process not only productive but also so inspiring. The support the community has shown for the growth and development of K.P has been outstanding, and it is our hope that the lines of communication will remain open and fluid so NG Pride will continue to evolve and grow with the needs of our 2SLGBTQI+ community members top of mind!


  • Education both online and in person is needed.

  • Having local in person and online resources is key for individuals and family members to turn to with questions and or for support when needed

Northern Lights


  • Many of our 2SLGBTQI+
    community members
    do not feel safe in their
    own communities.

  • Advocacy is needed to ensure inclusion and
    diversity continues to
    be a priority for the
    Municipality of North

  • Our 2SLGBTQI+
    community needs to be

Color Powder Bins


  • There is a significant need within the 2SLGBTQI+ community to have a place to gather, be social and feel safe.

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